Monday, February 6, 2012

Kyle.Vs first project, intro to modeling student

Hey everyone,

This is Kyle Valentin, and Kenny asked me to go ahead and upload this today. Its my final for Gils Intro class this is my final project, just added the finishing touches and figured it was time for some critique from everyone else. Just to remind everyone, this is my first big project ever, so be gentle. =]

Nice Meeting Everyone and enjoy,


UPDATED: A few screens of the completely finished shots that I turned in this afternoon.


  1. your gonna make other first time modelers feel bad, haha it looks great! Im not an expert at modeling, Im kind of the animation nerd of the blog, but its looking good,especially for a beginner taking a really short class, you caught on fast. What you could do to make it look even better is model your hills in Z Brush, to make look more realistic. Ask gill about it, and also I would suggest raising your dome a bit, I can see the tip of your hill about to touch it, and also adding wood planks to the docs would be nice, there a bit flat right now, since they dont have any detail. Just some small things to work on, good job!

  2. ah yeah, Kenny was trying to teach me how to use zbrush but it was a little to overwhelming haha. I'm taking Gils zbrush class next semester though, and I didn't realize how close that dome was to the mountains until you pointed it out, thanks for the tips!

  3. I like the center building in the back the most. I like that you didn’t leave it empty underneath the building. Also, the building’s pulleys and waterwheels look cool sprouting out of the building.
    The rope on the boats looks cool but it’s bent unrealistically because on the left the rope is floating in the air. I know it’s hard to get rope to be perfect but if you shove the box in the middle over to that side, the rope would have something holding it up.
    You definitely did a good job on this project. With the time constraints this class is pretty difficult and by the looks of it you pulled it off nicely. Keep working at it and you’ll get even better.