Monday, July 16, 2012

Schedule Information

Hey everybody!
Next semester is just over a month away and I hope everybody will get all the classes they need. Please post what times you plan on being available for the following semester so I can figure out what meeting times would be best for us all to meet.

Monday Before 6
Wednesday All Day
Friday After 2

I cant wait to see everybody back together.
See you soon!
-Jason Norman


  1. yeah ive already gone ahead and gotten my schedule ready and i will be @ the norco campus on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:00pm till like 9:10 but i can probably be on campus earlier than 2

  2. my registration isn't until the 26th but i know i'll be booked Monday's, Wednesday and Friday's

  3. What hours do you guys plan on being available? Are there any times between classes? I would like to find out a time when a majority of people are able to show up.

  4. well my in between classes is only like 20~30 min per and i would like to relax of get something to eat during those times so im guesing the best thing for me to do is come early so probably be on campus around 12 and then ill have until 2:30 to devote to the org.

  5. Ok I would assume that everybody will have their schedules done by mid August so I will check back again then. However if you get your available hours before then please let me know so I can put a spreadsheet together.

  6. My hours are all at night so I'm fine with anything really. Not really sure about work but I could probably even work that so yeah, just tell me when

  7. T/TH after 12:40
    M/W between 10:10 and 2:30 or after 4:00
    F after 2:10