Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Project Silo Guns - Stage 1

First Stage of silhouettes for the gun creation of the Game Art Organization.

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  1. Okay I am going to number them from left to right then top to bottom, and ill give comments and remarks about each one...

    1. has an awkward kinda shape to me feels more futuristic with some old Winchester parts

    2. has that same clunky awkward feel but near the front bottom i like that spiky kinda look makes it seem like a net gun?

    3. looks like an obvious sniper due to the bi-pod thing and the top mount this one i feel could be taken into a few directions maybe a modular type of gun for multiple field applications.

    4. has a weird shape on the bottom in front of the grip maybe you could turn that into something neat like the person who owns the gun has customized it them self, however the whole gun seems like a dart gun? due to the narrow tip.

    5. looks like one of those FBI/CIA listening devices or a ray gun which could also be kinda cool to make with the incandescent(glow) maps.

    6 feel like a hi caliber pistol or flare gun and just seems bulky for a hand gun course these pics are not showing definitive scale so i could be wrong.

    so reflect on the one you want to pursue in designing further and keep us up to date.