Wednesday, March 21, 2012

concept environment part 2

shout out elements you like in here too, be sure to give the times the assets are shown as well during each video

example i really like the well shown at 0:50 in video #2


  1. 1:04 I like the detail of this. particularly the roof and ruble on the floor.

    2:32 I like this door way and the walls

    3:05-3:11 I like the way this brakes

    4:14-4:22 I like this area

  2. 1:14 Like the walls around him

    1:50-2:10 Like the color of the walls in front and around him when he drinks
    2:24 Like the little thatch pattern among the rubble

    3:00-3:10 Like the shrubs and reddish wood, adds to the color pallet

  3. Those comments are for the first Video