Wednesday, March 21, 2012

concept project post

shout out elements you like!!!


  1. I really like the fire in the 2nd picture. Also I like, in the third picture, how the building on the right is buried in the sand. I like the rotting wood and the palm trees.

  2. across all of these i like the rubble and destroyed look. i am just not fond of the blan color pallette. of course that may just be because they are all dessert scenes. i know we are working to make a middle east based scene but that doesnt mean there is sand everywhere that kinda makes us stereo typing. just saying.

  3. I personally enjoy the dust effects of the first, fourth and fifth picture. To me it adds a sense of depth in the image. Also I too like the ruined scene of the first and third scene, the idea of an open aired area would be good.