Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ball hop with tail animation (fixed IK bugs)

Same animation I posted earlier except I went back in to fix IK bugs in the shot. If you look at the older version of the post you will notice the right leg of the character snaps during the end in the animation. I tried to fix it in this new one.


  1. pros-

    1. I especially like how your tail interacts with the character after jumping off the wooden block it feels fairly believable

    2. you've shown a understanding of the basic laws of physics IE; your character doesn't float up to the block when jumping it arcs like any entity affected by gravity would.


    I'm not sure if this is just an uploading problem however at the start of the animation your character stutters before going into full motion. Assuming it's not an intentional pause you should definitely smooth your coordinate tangents out.

  2. I may be blown smoke here since I don't animate and don't know much about animation but very nice, very fluid, very well done. One thing I would say you can improve is once it jumps onto the block, have it look down to before it leaps off. It would make it seem more as if it is wondering "should i jump off?" just a very subtle, movement to show it is reacting to the environment around it.