Saturday, May 19, 2012

Normal + Ao Bake completed now ready for the color pass :D
10,000 polygons with 3 x 2048 maps

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  1. the ao+normals came out sexy.

    i like the gun being placed with the lighting on top of it, gives it a lot more detail but it still seems a bit too pointed in the anti-butterzone towards the camera?... idk if that sounds right but it almost looks like it could be 1 solid piece shaped like \_|the way that it is, instead of an L type shape. if you turned it a little bit to break up the silhouette between the handle and the action/slide a bit more it would just make it instantly recognizable

    the lighting above the pipes idk how i feel about it. on the one hand i like that it gives definition for your pipes, but on the other it's highlighting an area without any modeling
    there wouldnt really be anything behind them, but the distance between the pipes and the ceiling sort of makes it seem like something would be there, an AC duct or something like that. it just gives this big distant feel between the pipes and the ceiling that's all empty space