Friday, May 25, 2012

Quick Shyguy textured renders

Hey all, this is Kyle, I said I would put up some textured objects so here you go. I had a grimoire and a messenger bag done as well but I figured since I want to go into character modeling I would model something in zbrush and see how difficult texturing would be. Here is a very very quick model and texture job of a Shyguy, the entire project took me about an hour-hour 1/2. I will put more effort and time into texturing and learning how to texture over summer because I will not be taking any classes, but these next 2 weeks I will just be working on my finals for my Zbrush and drawing class.

You can't notice very weel in these renders but I messed up my seam and its quite noticeable on the front of the mask, I'll fix that once class is done along with a better modeled something. 

Edit: modeled in zbrush, textured in maya, 1024, cylindrical unwrap

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