Sunday, May 20, 2012

some of my work this semester


  1. Okay,

    I really like the Chest's texture, however, i feel the edges for the lock on the front and the point coming out of the top are not defined enough when they cross into the chest.

    The seige tank is really interesting as a model, I am just getting the feeling the color choices dont really say military. In some spots on the tank i see its nice and dirty how it should be but in other spots i see it looks really really prestine, and the key about mud and dirt is it gets everywhere even in thin thin layers.

    I like the concept of the soul eater and its a very interesting idea however i am fairly distracted by the edges near the edge of the blade and i do not know if i am seeing artifacts from the normal or if it is texture work its hard to tell.

    I love the jukebox and everything about it is spot on except for the neon tubes on the texture they are just on super duper bright all the time and its distracting from the piece as a whole.