Thursday, December 15, 2011

Final Project Environment

So this is my final render for my Beginning Modeling Class. The scene was based off of a piece of concept art from Deus-Ex, However i deviated from the concept art to add my own style and culture to it. So feel free to comment and enjoy the piece.


  1. The AO seemed to come out rather nicely. The modeling is very realistic for the city scape. Not much negative things to say, the positives are all around. However, the one negative comment the I would make is that in some areas the AO is to dark and the models cant clearly be seen, so much of the quality is obscured.

  2. The shot is nice because it gives a great sense of depth. What I would really like to see from this scene is some added detail in the buildings themselves. Its easy to see the buildings on the rights are boxes that have have been stacked. If you put some trimming or some nuts and bolts it would make them look better. There is a lot of detail on the left, I would like to see the same on the right.