Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Riften Scene

An AO Render of my Scene final. The bricks are too uniformed.


  1. Pros-

    1.Really great work on your Occlusion all of your modeling is clear and concise in your render

    2. Your modeling has much improved and i'm really eager to see what you plan to work on next. This is by far your best work

    3. Your composition isn't half bad however because your camera angle is so high up you have given us this sort of unrealistic god shot. You may want to either tighten up your shot or create some sort of balcony that your camera is leaning over for a more realistic interpretation of how your actually viewing this environment.


    1. your bricks as you've stated are far too uniform and could use a little love meaning; pull some out more, offset some, break some and maybe even create some way to get inside the brick building. Doors,Windows, maybe even some ambient objects(low poly preferably)Chairs,Stools etc..

    2. It may be your camera angle but it feels as if your docks don't have any support holding it together.

    3. Adding some small docked boats would be nice

    4. Push your third level of detail farther with some nails and more craftsmanship to make your scene feel more constructed. Even some tools lying around, Ship ore and the thirteen century cannons would add a more lived in feel to the environment. Keep in mind that you are not just creating assets ,but your creating assets to tell a story. Think about what sort of technology would be available and how would this culture defend itself.

  2. I like your shot, even though it's not a natural shot, because it shows off the two floors that you made. However with that said, because you pulled the shot back, you should have put some detail into the top left. Even a few barrels would be nice because you have this clutter spot in the bottom right that just stops after that spot. Also, the third level of detail that was mentioned would be nice to really make the scene feel complete.

    Great job, and I can see that your practicing and getting better.