Monday, December 5, 2011

MEETING 12/08/2011

This coming Thursday plan to meet in room 202.

Starts at 12:30 ends about 4pm

We'll be covering proper workflow from maya to udk as well as more in-engine tools -

1. Engine shenanigans
-Creating K-Actors(interact-able physics objects)
-Setting up a sky dome
-Light mass importance volumes

2. asset importation
-Creating custom collision on complex models
-Importing from maya to udk

3. Kismet material/shader node editor
-diffuse maps
-bump & Normal maps
-alpha maps

4.Kismet logic
-Overview of the logic behind kismet and what it can be used for
-Generate AI through spawners and create AI paths using kismet
-Create simple objectives using kismet and volumetric based triggers
-Animate an elevator using in-engine anim tracks and kismet

5.Free Build
make an environment using all the disciplines covered thus far including binary space partition(BSP).


  1. Very important for everyone to come to this. We will see you there!

  2. I wont be there from 12:30 to 2:30. That Fine?